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Cherelle Guyton   Multifacted Creative Designer

Artistry of Hair and Wig Design 


Cherelle Guyton, MBA, is an Ashland, Oregon based designer specializing in Inclusive Hair, Wig, and Makeup design. She owns and operates C Stylez U, LLC a bi-coastal theatrical hair, wig and makeup design business providing inclusive design, training, consulting, and custom wig services to production companies, theatres and universities throughout the country.


Cherelle, an SC native, is the former Hair/Wig Manager and Salon Director at the 86-year-old Oregon Shakespeare Festival, where she became the first Hair and Wig Designer in 2018. Cherelle designed and directed the construction of the OSF Hair Salon (2018), the nation’s first and only theatre owned salon space, dedicated to the inclusion of BIPOC people where all are provided with equitable and professional hair services.



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